REARDON: Twitter & The Kavanaugh Hearing

Mark Reardon
September 28, 2018 - 10:31 am

Since KMOX aired the Kavanaugh hearing on Thursday and it preempted my regular show, I spent most of the day in a very, very dark place.


Dozens of people who I know and like either personally or professionally were clearly outraged and angry that it’s even an open question that Judge Kavanaugh should still be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court. 

Here are a few samples and some are retweets from folks I follow:


I can’t forget this doozy from my sparring partner Jane.

But remember my friends on the Right—we are the bigoted, disgraceful, hateful ones amongst us.

How did we get here people? I won’t let my side off the hook because there’s a lot of nonsense to go around. Even during the hearing I didn’t understand why Rachel Mitchell wasted sooooo much time with ridiculous questions that weren’t proving anything. The whole focus on fear of flying and questioning whether Dr. Ford was manufacturing anxiety on airplanes because she admitted she flew for vacations overseas. Plenty of people—my wife for example—have an intense fear of flying, but if you travel you gotta take an airplane. That’s what Xanax is for. If you don’t think that was silly questioning then think about outside of my paragraph here how many people talked about it after the day was over? None.

I don’t know what happened in whatever year Christine Blasey Ford says whatever happened in whatever location she can’t remember. I honestly think something happened to her at some point—but she says she’s 100% sure that Brett Kavanaugh was her attacker. Interestingly enough, she’s ZERO percent confident in the time, day, date, year or location of the alleged attack. Oh—and there’s that little nagging issue of every one of the other three people who she claims were they have signed affidavits under penalty of perjury that they know nothing about it. One of those “witnesses” being a good friend of Ford.

Was Kavanaugh angry? You’re damn right he was—and he should have been. If you’re one of those people who without reservation glommed on to the tag that he was a rapist/gang rapist/attempted murderer “Eyes Wide Shut” sex sing operator, then shame on you. (Credit my friend Scott Jennings for some of the language in that last line).

I can have empathy for Dr. Ford. Now more than ever as the father of a 3 1/2 old little girl, I understand the horrors of sexual assault and abuse. Many a father -  myself included - have admitted if something like that happened to our wives/daughters that person might not make it to a courtroom. But some of you also use logic. Those of you who hate Brett Kavanaugh hold that opinion solely because of your hatred of Donald J. Trump. Or Republicans. Or White males. Especially White Republican Males who went to Ivy League colleges. I hate people who worked their ass off and were constantly at the top of their class too. I do find it interesting that a lot of us “Never Trumper” types like myself are unified on the question of whether this whole episode is a complete disgrace and clown show. 

Nobody comes out clean in this thing—and it makes a divisive, anxious country even more rattled and unsettled. 

But maybe there’s one thing everyone can agree on. I think there should be an FBI investigation into whether Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D - Rhode Island) played quarters. Who hasn’t played quarters???!!!