Hundreds of protesters gathers outside Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church to protest during President Trump's visit to see border wall prototypes.

Nick Oza/The Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK

REARDON: Why Is It Bigoted To Enforce Immigration Laws?

Mark Reardon
April 06, 2018 - 12:47 pm

It’s always been frustrating to me that most of the coverage of the immigration debate doesn’t differentiate between “illegal” immigrants and legal immigrants. You know, the people breaking the law either to be here originally, or to not leave as prescribed by the law. I’ve been to third-world countries like Honduras and I’ve seen real, devastating poverty—so I understand the desire for parents and their kids to seek out a new life in the promised land that is our great Nation.

But why is it bigoted and xenophobic to have a big problem with numbers like these: More than 1 MILLION people in California are “undocumented” immigrants who now have driver's licenses. Check out this story for details.

That’s insanity—so what’s wrong with President Trump deploying National Guard troops to the border to try to stop the flood of illegal immigrants and hopefully slow down drug trafficking at the same time. It’s not militarizing the border, it’s enforcing the law. Why aren’t more people in California outraged that a good portion of their tax dollars in a state with some of the worst fiscal problems in the country are going to the health, education and welfare of people who broke the law to come here instead of people who are legally here. Probably because over and over again we’re told that this would “tear families apart” and “children brought here illegally through no fault of their own” are the victims. If you’re not up to speed on your “undocumented workers” lingo here’s a cheat sheet.

I’m in the camp who believes it’s nearly impossible to round up the millions of illegals and ship them back to their countries of origin. Not really practical and implementation would be a nightmare. But shoring up the border and enforcing the law should be a priority for this President. He campaigned on it and he’s trying to fulfill those promises. The only problem is where’s the wall? I’m also not a big believer in the practicality of whatever the wall might become. I’ll be interested to see where supporters of the President land when they finally realize that:

A) There will be no wall.

B) That Mexico isn’t paying for anything.

My guess is the President knows this, but the priority should still be major changes in border security and a stepped up effort to enforce the laws already in place in the system.

But remember—if you dare to oppose the efforts to create more sanctuary cities and keep the so-called “Dreamers” here you’re full of hate and a racist.