Ryan Wrecker

Two Weeks Straight

Ryan Wrecker
June 25, 2018 - 10:00 am

Two weeks straight. It's not easy.     

When a co-worker was telling me about his upcoming diet, I was interested in listening.  He’s a tall guy, and a big guy.  He weighs 514 pounds at 6’6”. 

Brian is about to try something new.  He’s going to eat only ONE type of thing for the next two weeks. It could be potatoes. It could be beans. But you pick just ONE thing, and you stick with it.  Brian was inspired by Penn Jillette, the world famous entertainer and magician, who dropped 100 pounds doing just that.

It’s the first phase of healthier living for Brian. I’m really encouraged to learn about the steps he’s taking. But it made me wonder in my life – can I do ONE of just anything for two weeks straight?  Could I eat only hard boiled eggs and water for 14 days?  Probably not. I don’t know if I could do it for a week, let alone a half a week.

I wonder how similar an addicts withdrawals are to what he’s experiencing. Or giving up smoking. Or giving up caffeine. 

Either way, I’m excited to see if he can stick with it. In two weeks, I plan to do a follow up interview to see how things are going.  You can listen to the interview here: