Ryan Wrecker

WRECKER: Be Genuinely Different

Ryan Wrecker
April 16, 2018 - 10:00 am

It’s been one year.  One year since I packed up the car and moved my family to St. Louis.  One year since I joined the KMOX family.  One year since my first show as the official host of Overnight America. 

When you’re in radio, we al look up to certain broadcasters for the pioneers they are.  Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, Paul Harvey, Jack Buck… and Art Bell, who passed away on Friday the 13th. 

Art hosted Coast to Coast AM, among other shows.  He grew in popularity in the 1990’s for all the right reasons.  He broke the mold of talk radio, going against the grain and doing what he wanted to do because he believed in it.  He was genuine, and his audience loved him. 

It’s not enough to be different anymore.  You have to be genuinely different. 

There’s no way to measure the influence he had on my professional career, but as an overnight talk show host, it doesn’t get any better than him.  He believed the best in people, he didn’t judge them based on their wild stories, and he was open minded to what seemed impossible.  He did the things that all radio consultants at the time said you should never do.  Instead of him failing, he became one of the greats, drawing an audience of millions.

On the one year anniversary of starting fresh in St. Louis, Art has inspired me to take risks.  He’s inspired me to think different, even if he hasn’t convinced me that aliens exist. 

From "from the Kingdom of Nye" to wherever he is now, rest in peace Art.