Ryan Wrecker

WRECKER: A Day At The Ballpark

Ryan Wrecker
May 21, 2018 - 10:00 am

As long as it’s not storming, Wednesday will be my second KMOX Day at the Ballpark.  There’s something special about being at a Cardinals game.  It’s not political, it’s just baseball. It’s not isolating, it’s a social event.

Last year I had a chance to meet some great KMOX listeners.  Hopefully this year we’ll get to greet even more people.  It will start with small talk about what a great day it is, followed by the price of a hotdog and how long they’ve been a fan.  But the best part might be focusing your eyes on something that’s not a screen inches away from your face. 

It’s not often, but occasionally I like the sound of random conversations.  It means you don’t have to fill awkward silence.  There’s no need for a backstory, and you won’t know the people involved but a random joke can still put a smile on your face.  It’s a small reminder there’s things much bigger than yourself. 

I like the St. Louis skyline and the Arch.  I like knowing no one will judge you if you eat three trays of nachos.  I like that you can put ice cream in a tiny plastic baseball cap.  I like seeing lifelong fans enjoying themselves.  I like breathing in fresh air instead of the stale office furniture.  I even enjoy the walk to the stadium with groups of strangers heading in the same direction. 

Any given day could be made better heading to a Cardinals game, even if it’s just for a few innings.  It’s like a reset button that your mind needs to get out of the routine of an endless loop of obligations. 

If you didn’t get your tickets this year, there’s always next year.  But do yourself a favor, go to a game if you haven’t in a while. It will always be worth your time and energy.