Ryan Wrecker

Does John live in a haunted house?

Ryan Wrecker
July 16, 2018 - 10:00 am

Do you believe in ghosts?  John doesn't, even thought he thinks there could be a ghost haunting his house.  Hear for yourself:

Doing a quick search on the St. Charles Ghost Tour website, all you need is a video recorder, audio recorders and, "Thermometers, Infrared detectors and even Geiger counters have been used."  That - and an open mind.  And maybe some Scooby Snacks in case someone gets scared and needs a little encouragement to keep going.  

When I went to the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society website, my comptuer screen is now haunted. Great.  One more thing to worry about.  Make sure your lights are turned on when you look at the photo section.  But there's a lot of believers out there.  Some studies even think nearly have of the US population believes in ghosts. 

Over the weekend, my wife woke me up in the middle of the night becuse she heard a noise. I sat up in my bed but didn't hear anything.  But still, I took the dog and we did a scan of the house with the lights off.  Luckily there wasn't anything to worry about. About 45 minuttes later, she woke me up again. She said it sounded like the dogs collar jingling, even though the dog was right beside my bed.  So I got up again... and it was nothing.... again.  This time I just slept on the couch with the dog who would let me know if someone was off base.   

My wife says I'm deaf. She's mostly right.  But at no point did I think there was a ghost in the house, but I also don't think she was hearing things. I was just hoping it wasn't an intruder. You can shoot someone breaking in, but it's a bad idea to shoot at a ghost.  

I don't believe in ghosts or aliens.  But it doesn't mean there's nothing creepy out there.