Eat Rite Diner

Photo by: Kevin Killeen, KMOX News

WRECKER: A Second Chance To Try The Legendary Eat-Rite Slinger

Ryan Wrecker
February 12, 2018 - 10:41 am

This may sound stupid, but the re-opening of the Eat-Rite Diner is like the ultimate food mulligan. It's a story on a plate.

Before moving to St. Louis, I was told of all the great places to eat. Everyone had a place to recommend. As I found out, it would also lead to a conversation of the restaurants of yesteryear. “Oh I remember…” was followed by a popular place and dish they served. Every few months it seems the Post-Dispatch seems to run an article about some of those places.

Thanks to a young couple, the Eat-Rite will be hosting the slinger again for a new generation. It gives me a second chance to try a local legendary dish after missing out the first time.

Not every second chance needs to be food related. I always wondered how many unknown second chances happened in my life. Think about the close calls that could have gone the other way or stupid decisions that could have ended in long term regrets... that didn't. Maybe those are examples of divine intervention in your own life.

There are places in your life that stand out as significant in a nostalgic kind of way. You just hope it holds up to the test of time, because a lot of time it won't. Sometimes the comfort of the place or memory will make up for its difference in quality. Or at least how you remember it.

When I visit my hometown, I always notice the changes in the landscape and buildings and point them out to my wife. Not a surprise, but she has no attachment to any of the landmarks and doesn't care. Maybe it's a reminder that things will change if you like it or not.

For the Eat-Rite, its revival gives me another chance to check them out, righting the mistake of missing out the first time. I just hope it lives up to the hype.