St Louis, Missouri Skyline along the Mississippi River

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WRECKER: Some St. Louis Stats

Ryan Wrecker
June 11, 2018 - 10:00 am

St. Louis by the Numbers:

Total Homicides January to May: 68.  That’s on pace from last year. 

Total number of neighborhoods tracked by SLPD: 89

Total number of neighborhoods reporting a homicide in 2017: 38

Total number of neighborhoods reporting a homicide in 2018: 37

Areas that reported a homicide in 2017, but did not report one in 2018: Carr Square, Cal-Bell Cem, Park West, Central West End, Columbus Square, DeBaliviere Place, Fountain Park, Kingsway West, LaSalle, Lafayette Square, Marine Villa, Near N. Riverfront, North Riverfront, St. Louis Place, The Gate District, Walnut Park West

Number of Carjackings: 129

Number of registered non-profits in Missouri: 31,000+

Number of major fairs and festivals in St. Louis: 20+

Number of visitors to St. Louis every year: 25.88 million

Number of people who complain about provel cheese: Doesn't matter

Height of St. Louis Arch: 630' or roughly 23 CVS receipts

Cardinals record against the Cubs: 4-1

There's no important or grand point to this blog.  If you think crime stats tell the whole story of St. Louis, you're missing out. Work on the problems, but don't throw out everything that actually makes this a better place to live.