KMOX 2020 Survey

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February 03, 2020 - 12:00 pm

Your Agenda in 2020

When you think of “the media”, your mind may go to cable news which you might think has a political agenda or stories are sensationalized.  I get it. This is my opportunity to show you how we’re different.  


So what?

Exactly.  KMOX news wants to better understand what you need.  So, I invite you to answer a few questions.  The data will be used in our Campaign 2020 work and beyond.  We want our reports to be relevant and useful.  A big part of this process will be letting the public know why we’re reporting what we’re reporting.  It’s my hope, being transparent in this process will show you we strive to be fair, open and focus on issues. 


--Beth Coghlan, KMOX News Director​