Canadian Convos, Saturday Night Live, and KFC's Chicken Sandwich

Overnight America
Wednesday, September 18th
Ryan jumps north of the border into Canada to simulcast with The Shift with Zack Hewitt out of Vancouver, British Columbia.  The duo discuss the latest allegation against Brett Kavanaugh and the New York Times failure to fully vet the accusation.  After that, the two of them discuss the new problems with vaping.  Following that, Ryan dives into the announcement from NBC that they are bringing back Saved By The Bell in the form of a sequel.  Next, Ryan discusses the hiring and then firing of Shane Gillis on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.  Following that, Ryan heads to the culinary world with KFC’s newest offering a Chicken Sandwich, Boston Market’s 2,000 pounds of Mac N Cheese contest, and a new sensation in pizza.  As the hour wraps up, Ryan shares Kevin Killeen’s latest story on cold office spaces.