Cardinals, Cuomo & Lemon

Overnight America
Wednesday, August 14th
The Cardinals have now won four in a row after dropping five-straight. Host Ryan Wrecker asks if you believe this roller coaster campaign will end in Playoff baseball. Next, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had a heated exchange with a bar patron after being called “Fredo,” a reference to a character in “The Godfather.” He and the network are now defending his actions, calling “Fredo” a racial slur for Italians equivalent to the N-word for black people. What do you think about this comparison? Hear how actor Randy Quaid interestingly responded, as well as how the Trump campaign is capitalizing. Fellow CNN host Don Lemon has been accused of a bizarre sexually charged assault of a bartender in New York's tony Hamptons last year in a civil suit filed earlier this week. Wrecker analyzes how the network ditches its’ moral stances to defend their troubled hosts. Ryan also discusses the high price of living in big cities and the declining prices of college textbooks.