Coronavirus Facts Only:  Quarantine 15 is not a light matter, St. Louis doctor says

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Thursday, June 4th
Dr. Megan Renner is a family medicine physician with the SSM Health Medical Group in St. Charles County.  And Dr. Fred Buckhold, a SLU Care general internist at SSM Health Saint Louis University.  It's called the Quarantine Fifteen -- but it's not a light matter.  Dr. Renner says some people say they're gaining a lot of weight since the coronavirus pandemic began -- due to all the stay at home orders.  Dr. Renner says some of her patients are gaining weight, but others are losing some pounds.  The reasons for gaining weight involve fewer chances for working out, a sedentary lifestyle and more chances of eating comfort or snack foods -- we may be getting too much sugar, carbs and alcohol.  To fight this, Dr. Renner says we need to take small steps to turn things around -- like starting a walking routine, dusting off that bike or meal planning.  Dr. Buckhold addresses which groups of people are most at risk for getting serious illness from COVID-19 -- elderly, diabetics, immuno-suppressed patients, obese, cancer patients, and minorities.