July 20th 2019 - Dr. Jennifer Wessels, Dr. Timothy Pratt, Dr. Jason Taylor, & Dr. Thomas Siler

Health Matters
Friday, July 19th
1.  Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician.  Tips to survive our extreme heat.  What are the warning signs and symptoms of heat illness? What's the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke? What's the best way to stay hydrated? Who is most at risk? Also -- a flesh eating bacteria has killed three people in Florida.  What is a flesh eating bacteria?  How can we protect ourselves? How is it treated?  How best to avoid?  And there's been a dramatic rise in depression among teens -- up 60-percent.  Girls are more likely than boys to get depression.  But now it is even being seen in pre-teens.  What's the cause?  Is social media to blame?  What are the warning signs?

2.  Dr. TIMOTHY PRATT, Chief Medical Officer at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital.  Lots of new research studies released at this past week's Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Los Angeles.  Five tips to help us avoid Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia -- exercise, eat a healthy diet, refrain from smoking, stick to one glass of wine at dinner and keeping your brain active can help reduce your risk by up to 60-percent.  Also, why are women more likely than men to come down with Alzheimer's?  What's the latest on an Alzheimer's blood test for screening purposes?  And what about the holy grail for Alzheimer's researchers -- a vaccine to prevent the disease -- how far off is that?  

3.  Dr. JASON TAYLOR, director of gastroenterology for SLU Care and SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital.  Cardinals Hall of Famer Bob Gibson just revealed his pancreatic cancer diagnosis and has started chemotherapy.  How common is pancreatic cancer?  What about the survival rate?  At one year, it is 24-percent.  At five years, it falls to 6-percent.  How discouraging is that?  What are the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer? What are the treatments -- both medical and surgical? Why is it so hard to diagnose in its earliest stages?  Are we making progress in detecting pancreatic cancer earlier? 

4.  Dr. THOMAS SILER, sleep medicine physician and medical director of the Sleep Lab at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles. ​How are you sleeping these days?  Studies show it is harder to sleep in the summer than any other time of the year.  Why?  And what can we do about it?  What are the biggest sleep issues that send people to the doctor?  Sleep Apnea and Insomina.  What are the warning signs of both?  What are the treatments?  How beneficial is napping every day?  What is sleep debt? What is the impact of a lack of sleep on our health?  Tips for getting a good night sleep. PLUS our health tip of the week from co-host Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician. ​ Today, Dr. Wessels shares some tips on how to protect our kids at the playground.  In this heat, always remember to check the slide and playground equipment to make sure they are not too hot.  Also always keep your kids within eyeshot and be aware of strangers.