June 14th 2018, TIAM Overtime

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Thursday, June 14th
Overtime moderated by Debbie with commenters Amy Marxkors and Charlie Brennan.
President Trump has slammed U-S Senator Claire McCaskill as "phony", in a tweet yesterday, after she used a private plane during part of a recent R-V road trip through Missouri to visit veterans. Mr. Trump and Republicans piled on McCaskill for taking some flights on her husband's company plane during the three-day tour. McCaskill replied in a tweet “Paying on my own dime to visit more Missouri veterans is not something I’m going to apologize for.” Who wins this PR battle? St. Louis Circuit Attorney will no longer prosecute some marijuana cases—including those caught with just under 100 grams. Former city police Sgt. Gary Wiegert says not charging somebody with just under 100 grams seems like a dealer-sized quantity, enough to fill a paper grocery store bag. The St. Louis Police Officer's Association is calling Gardner's new policy "alarming," and accuses her of neglecting her duty to prosecute felonies. What do you make of this latest development?
Scientists are warning that we could be in real trouble if the Antarctic ice sheets keep melting. A team of 80 scientists reported that Antarctica’s ice sheet is melting at a rapidly increasing rate, now pouring more than 180 billion tons of ice into the ocean annually. If this continues to happen some of scientists’ say their worst fears about rising oceans will become a reality and those living in low-lying areas are in real trouble. Do you think this latest news will have any impact on global warming skeptics? Guests staying at a St. Louis University hotel could get paid $3,500 and have meals, internet and TV included in their nearly two-week stay — only if they agree to be exposed to the flu. St. Louis University students will observe volunteers who get the flu shots and a dose of the virus. Researchers will begin welcoming the volunteers by next year to test the effectiveness of the flu vaccines. Would you stay in Hotel Influenza for $3,500? This week a St. Louis jury awarded millions to a former running back injured while playing at the Edward Jones Dome. Ex-49 player Reggie Bush slipped on concrete causing an injury that he says wrecked his career. A judge ruled that St. Louis city or any of its authorities would not be held responsible for the injury. Are you feeling a bit of schadenfreude for Mr. Kroenke? Eco-conscious shoppers and those looking for premium athletic and outdoor gear at a lower price now have a new option to consider: refurbished goods sold on the North Face Renewed website. The brand has launched a pilot program that sells hoodies, down jackets, hiking tights and other garments made from returned, damaged or defective goods. Would you like to see more brands follow suit?
Chicago has chosen a company founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to build an express service from downtown to O'Hare International Airport reaching speeds up to 150 mph. The service will transport passengers between O'Hare and downtown in roughly 12 minutes using electric vehicles that will run through two underground tunnels. The Boring Company will fund the project in its entirety. Would you take a ride in this tube? Explore St. Louis has talked to representatives of three groups trying to form football leagues about possibly playing in the Dome at America’s Center. The groups include Alliance of American Football and the XFL. Should St. Louis pursue or just give up on having a football team?