March 13th, 2018 – 1AM – 2AM

Overnight America
Tuesday, March 13th
Every morning Ryan strives to bring you something positive to brighten your day.  This morning host Ryan Wrecker brings you an update on a story we brought you last year of two teens who were fighting until a neighbor stepped in and stopped them.  After that, Listener Eric called in to share his experience as a neighbor just helping neighbors.  Next, Ryan shares a heartwarming story of a child who was aging out of the foster care system when her social worker asked to be her mother.  Following that, Ryan shares a recent poll that shows people who identify as Democrats are more likely to unfriend people on Facebook if you disagree politically.  Next, Ryan asks for help with a new spring bracket that pits the worst sports personalities against one another.  After that, Ryan discusses how TED talks are not nearly as monumental as people think they are.  Recently, a college professor showed a TED talk from a transgendered person about how transgenderism shows there are more than two genders.  A student disagreed and was kicked out, then banned from the course.