March 13th, 2018 – 2AM – 3AM

Overnight America
Tuesday, March 13th
Did you know that the Church of Scientology has a channel on DirecTV now?  Ryan shares his thoughts on what the network might be trying to accomplish in light of the backlash the church has faced.  After that, Ryan shares the details of the White Houses’ proposed plan to deal with school shootings.  Up next, Ryan discusses a story from Philadelphia where a man says neighbors should talk to each other instead of the Police.  Ryan believes this is the wrong way to handle crime as it potentially lets people go unpunished for their bad behavior.  Following that, Ryan shifts directions and talk’s taxes.  Barbara Archer and Carol Rogers with Hightower St. Louis discuss what you could and should do with your tax refund this year if you are lucky enough to receive one.  After that, Ryan discusses Oprah giving advice to Democratic candidates and then goes on to say where was she when Hillary was running.  Ryan then shares audio of Hillary seeming to be unable to get over losing the election.