March 14th, 2018 – 1AM – 2AM

Overnight America
Wednesday, March 14th
Every morning Ryan strives to bring you the best positive news.  Host Ryan Wrecker begins with a story of a man who was sucker punched on the Metrolink.  After that, Ryan shares the details of Disney partnering with a Texas Children’s Hospital on a $100M initiative.  Listener Bree (Lonestar, Texas) calls in to share the story of her nephew who is undergoing stem cell treatments.  After just 10 short days, she reports that the treatment is noticeably working already.  Following that, Ryan sits down with Chris Hrabe and goes over the Championship Bracket team-by-team.  Ryan shares the news that Stephen Hawking has passed away and he recaps some of his life.  Wrapping up the hour, Ryan discusses the National School Walkout planned for later today.