May 16th, 2018 – 1AM – 2AM

Overnight America
Wednesday, May 16th
Do you have something good to share with us?  Host Ryan Wrecker explores the deep, dark recesses of the internet to bring you the best positive stories.  This morning Ryan brings us a story from Boynton Beach, Florida where police officers crashed a high school prom for special needs students.   The officers did not stop or interrupt the party.  Instead, they joined in.  Next, we go to Indiana where a 5-year-old who lost their father, a cop, in the line of duty.  What officers did to honor the child’s request will melt your heart.  After that, Ryan shares a ridiculous new rule at a school in Pennsylvania where administrators are requiring students to smile in the hallways.  Following that Ryan discusses a disturbing trend among teens, vaping.  A new study says that more teens are using vape devices to “smoke” instead of traditional cigarettes thanks to the myriad of flavored pods available.