May 9th 2020 - Dr. Fred Buckhold, Dr. Bruce Hall, Dr. Jin-Moo Lee, & Dr. Ken Haller

Health Matters
Friday, May 8th
Dr. FRED BUCKHOLD, SLU Care general internist at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital.  St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page outlines what businesses in St. Louis County and City will need to do before they can re-open on May 18th.  Dr. Buckhold says all the directives and guidelines sound good to him -- but he's worried about how and if they will be regulated or enforced.  Dr. Buckhold also talks about how many hospitals are now coming up with the plans for resuming all those elective surgeries that were postponed once the pandemic hit the area when all space, staff and resources were needed to deal with the onslaught of coronavirus cases. 

Dr. BRUCE HALL, Vice President and Chief Quality Officer at BJC Healthcare and a professor of surgery at Washington University School of Medicine.  Dr. Hall says they are not doing elective surgeries yet but planning on phasing them in over the next few weeks.  They are doing surgeries that are emergencies.  The next level are elective surgeries that could be delayed unless the illness or injury festers and gets worse and they are seeing more of those as time goes on.  The true elective surgeries will come back -- but they will look a lot different when they do.   Dr. HILARY BABCOCK is the director of infection prevention at BJC Healthcare and an infectious diseases specialist at Washington University School of Medicine.  She explains a new universal masking policy at all BJC Healthcare facilities -- all visitors, patients and staff will need to be masked.

Dr. JIN-MOO LEE, Washington University neurologist at Barnes Jewish Hospital and director of the Cerebrovascular Disease Section at Wash U School of Medicine.  Dr. Lee tells us that about 6-percent of COVID-19 patients have a stroke.  It is unclear if this is an unrelated association or due to the COVID-19 infection itself.  Dr. Lee tells us what to look out for -- and why it is so critical for people with stroke symptoms to get to the emergency room as quickly as possible.  Dr. Lee says people are staying away from the hospital due to a fear of getting coronavirus at the hospital.  He says all precautions are taken to limit that risk.  Stroke cases are down about 30 percent since the pandemic arrived, which Dr. Lee says is because people are afraid to come in for the life-saving assistance they might need.  Dr. Lee says he has seen stroke cases in COVID-19 patients at Barnes Jewish Hospital.

Dr. KEN HALLER, SLU Care pediatrician at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital.  15 kids in NY have been admitted to the hospital with Kawasaki Syndrome like symptoms -- fever, rash, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea.   When tested, the kids all showed antibodies of COVID-19 in their system - meaning they had had COVID-19.  He says if your kids are suffering these symptoms please call your doctor and find out what might be going on.  He also says lots of kids are missing their annual vaccines because parents are afraid to bring them into the doctor's office out of a fear of picking up coronavirus.  He says that's very dangerous because -- even in this time of COVID-19 -- all those diseases that attack children are still out there and are just as dangerous.  Dr. Haller also addresses at what age should kids start wearing masks.  And what advice does he have for parents as they may begin taking their kids to the park and playgrounds.