RTDNA - Continuing Coverage - The Greitens Affair

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Monday, February 4th
It was a cold January day when news broke of an affair -- and
alleged blackmail -- involving Missouri's newly elected, renegade
Governor. Day after day for about six months, KMOX reporters
advanced the story using their long-cultivated sources and shoe-
leather reporting. KMOX has St. Louis' only commercial broadcast
bureau inside the state capitol, which is two hours from the big
cities, which brought our audience instant information and
reaction. Our journalists sat in court, then described complex
legal wranglings in understandable terms. The story finally
concluded on the steamy first day of June, with KMOX providing
live play-by-play of the Lt. Gov.'s taking a new oath. To compile
this entry, we combed through more than 5,000 mentions of
"Greitens" on our air during that period, resulting in hours of
raw product, edited down to 30 minutes.