Something Good, Player's Weekend, and Walk of Fame

Overnight America
Friday, August 10th
Each morning Ryan dives deep into the web to bring you the best positive stories from around the world.  Up First, Ryan brings us a story from Valley Park where a welder was able to help a professional golfer at the last minute.  After that, Listener Judith called in to share how her dog loves baseball and can tell her if the Cardinals have won or lost.  Following that, Ryan discusses MLB's decision to bring back Player's weekend where the players get to wear their nicknames on the backs of their jersey's.  Next, Ryan shares his frustration over the continued problem of homeless and no where for them to go.  After that, Ryan discusses a recent survey in which 23% of people say the president should have the right to close any media outlet he wants.  Wrapping up the hour, Ryan discusses the Hollwood City Council decision to remove Donald Trump's star from the Walk of Fame.

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