The Bo Matthews Show, June 5th

KMOX At Your Service
Friday, June 5th
Following a busy Memorial Day weekend that featured lots of attention on large crowds, host Bo Matthews insists we should err on the side of caution considering the unknown spread of COVID-19. Kim Kowalski, former St. Louis Police Officer and widow of fellow Officer Jeff Kowalski, discusses the death of former Police Captain David Dorn amidst Monday night’s looting and the true motive of the Black Lives Matter movement. Michael Duke, owner of , describes the looting that ravaged his store this week and his thoughts on St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner allowing the arrested thieves to walk free. Jack Posobiec, anchor on the , talks about the reasons he has set up a fundraiser for Captain Dorn’s wife.One America News Network Jeff Wald, Co-Founder and President of and author of “The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations,” analyzes this timely economic subject and where we’re going thanks to artificial intelligence and robotics. Last but not least, hear how you may be able to help find the murderer who killed Captain Dorn.Missouri Gold Buyers & JewelryWorkMarket