The Bo Matthews Show, May 22nd

KMOX At Your Service
Friday, May 22nd
Memorial Day weekend means cooking out. Billy Combs Jr., host Bo Matthews’ friend in Deerfield Beach, Florida, shares his experience when it comes to smoking meats. As Missouri and Illinois attempt to reopen certain areas, question still exist about outdoor activities. Ron Green from the Boy Scouts of America discusses how the organization is opening up properties nationwide for entire families to enjoy. Even before COVID-19, student loan borrowers were already facing challenges with repayment. Sarah Sattelmeyer, Student Loans Project Director of the Pew Charitable Trust, provides information to help navigate that road. How are we going to safely reopen? Sue Harken-Houser, Application Consultant at Steelcase, and Laura Kirk, Director of Architectural Solutions at Color Art, provide advice for business managers and owners on how to get back to work in a responsible manner. During these trying times, Bo keeps things in perspective by reminding us of other horrific events that St. Louis has made it through, including the great flood of 1844 and the disastrous tornado of 1896. Bo’s buddy joins for some political banter and coronavirus discussion.