Unprincipled Pigskin, Puns & WNS

Overnight America
Wednesday, October 16th
Top-ranked local football small school Cardinal Ritter is under investigation for improper use of an ineligible player. The 7-0 team is in jeopardy of forfeiting all victories as punishment for knowingly dressing a suspended athlete with a different uniform and roster name. Host Ryan Wrecker questions the role coaches played, and if they knowingly encouraged cheating. A listener gets Ryan briefly sidetracked with a bevy of puns before he moves onto another gridiron tale. A separate youth football league has instituted a $500 fine and suspension on a coach whose team won by 31 points. What’s wrong with winning by 31 points, anyways? So are we now teaching our kids not to perform to their best abilities? How does this transfer to life outside of sports? Last but not least, KMOX News reporter Kevin Killeen’s newest “Whole ‘Nother Story” investigates who has already turned their heat n as winter approaches.