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Since 1990, Charlie Brennan has hosted the show on KMOX featuring a variety
of in-depth interviews.

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April 19th 2019, 10-11am

Friday, April 19th
Mike Shannon and the Whine Line are taking up the first segment of the hour. New York Times Columnist David Brooks is up next discussing his new book The...

April 19th 2019, 9-10am

Friday, April 19th
B.J. Brownlee of Archway Lawn Care is with along with Paul Horstmann of Horstmann Brothers Landscape discussing the labor shortage in their industry. Issues...

April 18th 2019, 10-11am

Thursday, April 18th
The Whine Line kicks off the hour. Dan Farrell gets us up-to-date on Cardinals deals and promotions next. New naming rights have taken effect for an Illinois...

April 18th 2019, 9-10am

Thursday, April 18th
BREAKING NEWS: The Mueller report has been released seconds prior to the show. Brennan has legal expert and partner of Harris Dowell Fisher and Young, Brad...

April 17th 2019, 10-11am

Wednesday, April 17th
The Whine Line is first along with Cardinal’s Broadcast Mike Shannon with an update on the team. Charlie has a guest sharing her story of life after losing...