CORNFLAKES, an all new podcast with Kevin Killeen and Amity Shedd, will make
you laugh. Just like the breakfast cereal of the same name, Cornflakes is
easy to digest, won't fill you up, contains no sports or politics, and has
very little nutritional value. But hey--when you're hungry for a snack laced
with humor and everyday conversation--Cornflakes will hit the spot. Kevin is
a longtime KMOX reporter with a keen interest in things of little
consequence. Amity is the KMOX web editor, known around the office for her
bursts of laughter, water cooler stories and sunny outlook. Together they
bring you Cornflakes.

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Cornflakes: Guess Who's Back?

Thursday, March 14th
In this new episode of Cornflakes, Kevin and Amity catch up after a long absence from Cornflakes. A lot's changed in Amity's world! Kevin...not so much.

Cornflakes: Expert Holiday Advice

Tuesday, November 20th
What are your Thanksgiving plans? Traveling, or staying home? Kevin and Amity discuss how the upcoming holiday is spent with their families. Then comes the...