Helitech Home Improvement Show

Each Saturday morning, Scott Mosby hosts the Helitech Home Improvement Show.

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February 9th 2019, Full Show

Saturday, February 9th
Scott Mosby hosts the Home Improvement Show! Today we talk about installing a basement shower, some black spots on the ceiling, soil temps, condensation, and...

February 2nd, 2019 Full Show

Saturday, February 2nd
Scott takes your calls and answers your questions once again this week, with questions including how to rotate a door in its frame, finding contractors if you...

January 16th 2018, Full Show

Saturday, January 26th
After having the week off for the Cardinals Winter Warm Up, Scott is back this week to take your calls and questions and a variety of topics, including how to...

December 29th 2018, 11AM-12PM

Saturday, December 29th
Scott Takes your calls and answers your questions in this hour of the Home Improvement Show. Scott also shares a story at the end of the hour about how he...