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Snow Ice Cream & Ryan the Rocker

Thursday, November 15th
Host Ryan Wrecker was baffled when he heard that St. Louisans like “snow ice cream.” Callers set him straight on the reality that it’s a can’t miss for anyone...

Thanksgiving Food

Thursday, November 15th
Guest host Brad Young reviews national polling data on the country’s favorite Thanksgiving Day food and describes how different regions across the United...

Remembering Stan Lee

Wednesday, November 14th
Guest host Brad Young walks us through some of the crowning achievements and forgotten facts about the late comic book writer Stan Lee.

Dangerous Lies & National Debt

Wednesday, November 14th
A student at Kansas State claimed to have found a discouraging and racist note on his apartment door. After posting a picture of the note on Twitter and...

Delmar Loop Trolley & Free Hot Soup KC

Tuesday, November 13th
Guest host Gary Nolan open’s tonight’s program commenting on the newly completed Delmar Loop Trolley and public transportation as a whole, which he feels is a...