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Jack Flaherty, Joe Biden, and Don Lemon

Friday, July 10th
Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty has said that “something is in the works” when it comes to MLB players kneeling during the National Anthem. Host Ryan Wrecker...

Jim Hoft, Dentists & Sucker Punches

Thursday, July 9th
Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit joins host Ryan Wrecker to talk about impending lawsuits from the protests next to the St. Louis statue in Forest Park. Next,...

Brad Young & Trish Gazall

Thursday, July 9th
Attorney and KMOX Personality Brad Young joins host Ryan Wrecker to analyze some of the Supreme Court’s recent decisions involving President Donald Trump as...


Wednesday, July 8th
Host Ryan Wrecker reacts to a bevy of calls this hour, largely centered on the way that the coronavirus is affecting our society and our schools.

Robert Hardaway & Brad Young

Wednesday, July 8th
Robert Hardaway, author of “Saving the Electoral College: Why the National Popular Vote Would Undermine Democracy,” joined host Ryan Wrecker to analyze one of...