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Your Calls and More

Friday, July 19th
This hour of the show was a hodge podge of topics brought up by you, the listener. Ryan discusses Veteran Homeless, root beer, prostitution, marijuana, hemp,...

Chris Hrabe, Animal Shelters

Thursday, July 18th
On this shorted edition of hour one, Ryan chats with Chris Hrabe after a big Cardinals win. Up next, Ryan takes a look at why so many animals are available to...

Astronauts, Border Patrol, and Transit

Thursday, July 18th
Listener George calls in to share his story of being friends with an Apollo Astronaut. After that Ryan revisits some of his conversation with Border Patrol...

Viral Video, Apollo 11, and Your Calls

Thursday, July 18th
St. Louis County Police say a viral video with their officers in it is wildly edited and does not match what actually happened. Ryan shares their side of the...