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Dr. Dre, ViviPay, and Anti-Semitism

Monday, March 25th
Dr. Dre made a $70 million dollar donation to USC and has building named after him at the campus and he boasted about his daughter getting into USC all on her...

Mueller Report

Monday, March 25th
The Mueller Report was released and Ryan says for everyone that said the report would come out and President Trump would be accused of a crime now is your time...

Self-Driving Cars

Friday, March 22nd
Would you ride in a self-driving vehicle? That is the center of this topic. Guest Host Brad Young discusses all angles of self-driving cars including what...

Amazon Driver & Dog Breeds

Friday, March 22nd
Brad Young is filling in for Ryan Wrecker tonight. Brad talks with Mark Cantor, attorney for Jaylen Walker, the Amazon Driver who was shot in the back. Also,...

Drex, Ghosts Hunting, and New Zealand

Thursday, March 21st
Drex from The Late Shift in Canada joins Ryan for a simulcast across both countries. Ryan recaps the ghost hunting and politics with Drex. After that, Ryan...