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The nightly program has been a fixture on KMOX for many years and features a
variety of hosts.
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Redbird Social ft. Jayson Wells

Wednesday, June 3rd
Jayson Wells joins host Chris Hrabe for an open and honest conversation regarding life experiences as a professional basketball player traveling the world,...

2011 Revisited: Episode 4, June 3rd

Wednesday, June 3rd
In episode four of “2011 Revisited,” a trade bolsters the roster, Adam Wainwright voices optimism during a bleak juncture and Chris Carpenter rallies the...

2011 Revisited: Episode 3, May 27th

Tuesday, June 2nd
In episode three of “2011 Revisited,” Tony LaRussa returns after his absence fighting shingles, the Cardinals deal with some major injuries and a controversial...

2011 Revisited: Episode 2, May 20th

Tuesday, May 26th
In Episode 2 of 2011 Revisited, Chris Hrabe dives into the start of the 2011 season, including an infamous Tony LaRussa press conference, and the fallout that...