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Amy Marxkors

Sunday, May 19th
George is joined by KMOX Amy Marxkors talking everything you need to know before game 5.

Kathy Golik "Gloria"

Sunday, May 19th
George talks with Kathy Golik the manager for Laura Branigan and who handles the twitter page talking all things "Gloria" before a big Game 5 for the Blues.

Jim "The Cat" Hayes

Sunday, May 19th
George is joined by Jim "The Cat" Hayes from Fox Sports Midwest talking Cardinals, Blues, and what it is like to have relationships with some of these athletes.

Come From Away at The Fox

Sunday, May 19th
George sits down with a couple of the actress that will be part of the production of "Come From Away" a story that basically starts September 12th, 2001.

Pat Washington

Sunday, May 19th
George Sells talks with Pat Washington about this afternoon Annie Malone May day Parade.