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LIsa Rhoden Boyd

Sunday, July 14th
George is joined by Lisa Rhoden Boyd Director of the Voice Within, that will be at the St. Louis film maker showcase about inmates at a women's prison.

Tom Ackerman

Sunday, July 14th
George is joined by Sports Director Tom Ackerman talking about Bob Gibson as he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

"Who is George Following" Rene Knott

Sunday, July 14th
For this segment of "Who is George Following" he is joined by 5 On Your Side Anchor Rene Knott talking Bob Gibson news that he has pancreatic cancer, the...

Union Station Aquarium

Sunday, July 14th
George is joined by Cameron Schoeffel talking everything you need to know about the Union Station Aquarium including the opening date for both the aquarium and...

Amanda Tello

Sunday, July 14th
George is joined by Amanda Tello of Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates talking about people living in fear of deportation and what to do if someone comes...

Hancock and Kelley

Sunday, July 14th
George Sells is joined by KMOX hosts John Hancock and Michael Kelley discussing if there a problem with starting the school year a couple of weeks later. Which...